and The Million Dollar Band


Salha is rightly regarded as one of the most sought after female vocalists in the Middle East.

Famous for her chameleon like ability to strut her funk in an afro or drape elegantly over a grand piano, she brings her vast experience to every audience at every event in every style.

Elegance, exuberance and attention to detail have become her benchmark as her reputation has constantly grown from her very first performance.

She has fronted bands in Germany, L.A., London, Majorca, Ethiopia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Qatar, Dubai and her native Oman. 

After playing several contracts in the Middle East with her acoustic duo, ìZephyrî, she formed the "Million Dollar Band" using Dubai's finest musicians. 

She has since seen her vision grow into one of the most successful and well respected corporate bands in the region.

Her experience ranges from radio (news reading, commercials and jingles), and television (music videos, voiceovers, sitcoms, and documentary presentation) to magazines (print commercials and interviews) and of course, stage performances (fashion shows, dance shows, theatre and singing).

One singer, one choice, one lady.